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Iain McInnes, MD PhD
University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland

Date Added: 07/01/13

Rheumatologists are actually usually very good communicators. We're doctors who came into the area of chronic disease, and by definition, we're interested in talking to people and hearing about their problems, but if as a patient, if you feel you're not getting through, I think it's very important t...
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Professor Iain McInnes is the Muirhead Chair of Medicine & Director of Institute at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. He has a major interest in the biology of inflammatory synovitis in rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and septic arthritis. He operates a translational science programme in which state of the art cellular and molecular biology techniques area applied to elucidate the mechanisms underlying the perpetuation of synovial inflammation. In parallel they have an extensive clinical trials facility in which they perform studies of novel biologic agents in inflammatory arthritis.
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